Database Centralization

Your client is weighing the pros and cons of database centralization. How would you advise the client and what would your choice be as the system architect? What about the CRUD rights would be important to mention in this situation? Support your ideas from your studies this week.

Your initial post should indicate critical analysis and provide valuable insight into the topic by thoroughly addressing all elements of the discussion prompts, demonstrating your personal knowledge of the topic acquired through your study this week. Students should illustrate strong and precise connections to previous and/or current course content or to real-life situations associated with the readings and research you are encouraged to perform.

Discussions are an important part of your learning. Students are encouraged to post their initial response early in the week and then return a couple of other days and interact with classmates. This will give everyone time to consider and reply to initial posts. Share your thoughts with your classmates and learn from theirs. Interact just as you would in a conversation in a traditional classroom. The more you interact, the more you and your classmates will learn.

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