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For this reflection, we'd like you to help us add to our lesson! Please choose a topic that you found confusing, or one you think needs further clarification. Then go to YouTube and find a video that explains that topic. Some potential topics include:

  • The differences between starch and cellulose (e.g. chemistry, processing, applications)
  • Extraction of sugars from sugar crops
  • Dry or wet milling and the different processes they involve
  • One or more of the pretreatment methods
  • Enzymatic or acid hydrolysis

Once you have found the video please tell us:

  1. What you learned from the video.
  2. Why you think it would be beneficial to include in the lesson, i.e. what does it explain that the lesson does not?
  3. The URL of the video.

As always, aim for 250 words.

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