short answers


there are four questions for this test, and for first two questions, they would be short answers questions, about one short paragraph, and for the last two questions, it would be  mini-essay, and for these four questions, the amount of time to answer them is about 65 minutes. and there are some background information below and also the questions.  and please give these to me in 7 hours.  

Q1: question on globalization (phases and processes)

           read: lecture 1-3 

Q2: FDI and GVCs  (Cost and beneifts)

          read: lecture 4, Global Value chains 

Q3: Globalization  and India's LPG policy 

          read: Lecture 5 , and liberalisation in  India 

Q4: Globalization and SSA 

          read: Lecture 6 and Lbrahim impacts ....