Short analytic research paper



Contemporary Art

ART 370

Short analytic research paper


Paper due Sunday, Nov. 22nd

Choose a specific single artwork we have looked at in class, or an artwork we haven’t by an artist we have studied. (I CHOOSE ANDY WARHOL)

Find 3-4 online sources with further information about the work (painting, sculpture, performance, etc). 

In 2-3 pages describe:

• the visual qualities of the work

• the cultural and aesthetic context in which it was made

• why it was made (the artist’s interests)

• any other information you find compelling and/or noteworthy

In the first paragraph, you must include the artist’s name, the title of the work, its date and medium, and a general overview of the work (visual description, size) to orient the reader. The rest of the paper can happen in any order. 

Be sure to consult the document “Tips for writing about art”, posted in Moodle.


Length: 2-3 pages

Margins: 1” all around (please!)

Image: Include at the end, this is not part of the page count

Sources: Include at the end, this is not part of the page count

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