self reflection 2


self reflection 2

Subject Area

Custom Essay

No.of pages/Wordcount

2 page(s)/between 276 and 550 Words

Urgency 4 hours

Citation Style APA Style

Assignment Details

We are one week away from the end of the course and so many topics have been covered and so much has been accomplished.

This assignment offers you the opportunity to self-reflect on your progress and learning points.

Prepare a paper, at least 550 to  750 words, that identifies your most prized learning points to date and share how you plan to use or have already began to use some of the information learned. The paper should follow up on your previous self-reflection to note what accomplishments you conquered and those you hope to continue to pursue once the course has ended. Finally, share at least one to two transferrable points of information that you can easily teach or share with a colleague, friend or family member.

Please cover at least one academic resource to support your reflection

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