Selecting a Theme Graphic Organizer



Select a theme that could be used to promote interdisciplinary inquiry. You will be developing this theme into a full Theme Study which is due at the end of the class. Choose standards from at least two or more subject disciplines that fit with your chosen theme and grade level. 

Create a graphic organizer that incorporates various information and interests that could be incorporated into your theme.


  • the theme's big ideas.
  • the theme's essential questions and sub-questions.
  • at least five subject areas with activities, artifacts, field trips, speakers, experiments, projects and so on ideas.
  • standards from at least two subject area disciplines.

In addition to the graphic organizer, write a 350- to 525-word paper addressing the following:

  • the rationale for your theme study and grade level.
  • how it meets the criteria for a theme study.
  • what role (teacher as director, teacher as guide and teacher as mentor) you think the teacher (you) should play in the development of this theme and why.
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