Select a threatened or endangered species native to California or to Baja California and describe the reasons why its population has dwindled to the point that its survival is threatened or endangered and the actual efforts being made to save it.


A good way to approach answering questions in any class is to remember the “3 Es”: Explain using Examples and Evidence. Use actual examples and evidence.

  1. Prepare your answer in a Word file so you do not lose any of your work. Proof-read.

a.  Your answer must minimally include 250 words of relevant information. Even though conversation is a good way to bond with others participating in your discussion, I do not count the conversational part of your post in the word-count for your answer.

b.  Do not copy and paste text from another source. I want you to research, read, think about what you have learned, ask yourself questions, do more research, keep notes, and finally prepare your answer in your own words.

c.  Keep track of your sources.

d.  Cite your sources within yor post and at its end provide a list of complete citations for those sources. A complete citation includes the website’s title and separately the website’s URL. You must use and cite a minimum of three web sources.

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