scientific review paper


As stated in the course syllabus, there is a paper component  (scientific review paper) that contributes to 10% of your grade for this  course.     The  main goal of this scientific review paper is to provide a guided view  of the current knowledge state and future directions in a specific topic  area of your choice.  This scientific review paper should be a  synthesis of results from the main scientific studies of a specific  research area covering a specific time period, for example, the last two  decades. 

Your  review paper should be a synthesis of your comprehensive literature  research on a topic area of your choice.  The bulk of the scientific  research review paper should focus on primary sources of scientific  publications, the original scientific experimentation results reported  in scientific journals.  Secondary sources such as textbooks or review  journals are easier to understand and can be useful in getting an  overview of the field of interest.  You can model one to devise an  outline for your paper. 

  Formatting the Paper  

  • Double-spaced 
  • 12 point type fonts, Times New Roman 
  • Margins 1" left, 1" top, 1" right, 1" bottom 
  • 10-12 pages of text 
  • Citations should use the Journal of Biological Chemistry format.
  • Headings should be bolded and centered.  
  • Tables and Figures, if applicable, must be insert in the text.  A table or figure should be self-explanatory. 
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