Science Lesson Plan



One of the most important goals of education is to teach students to think. Science contributes to this goal with its emphasis on hypothesizing, thinking about the physical world, and reasoning from observations and data. The term science process skills is commonly used to describe such processes and is reflective of the behavior of scientists.

Using the same K-3 grade level as you did in the previous topic, develop a science lesson plan by selecting a standard and learning outcomes from your state’s science standards for that grade level. Use the “Class Profile” and the “5E Lesson Plan Template,” to complete this assignment.  As appropriate, incorporate concepts that you discussed with your mentor teacher during the field experience for this topic.

Your lesson plan should be completed in its entirety, with a focus on:

  • Problem solving or reasoning techniques.
  • Hands-on math and inquiry-based science activities.
  • Inquiry-based learning for integrating cross-disciplinary skills and developing meaningful science learning progressions.
  • Central concepts and structures of the field, based on science standards.
  • Incorporating communication skills into the thinking process.

APA style is not required, solid academic writing is expected.

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