Science and Religion 2M


First component: Read Clayton's Religion and Science - Chapter 7

Second component: Compose your reflection essay (minimum of 400 words) and post it on the discussion board

Your reflection essay should respond to one of the following sets of discussion questions:

  1. The history of religion and science shows how the two have influenced each other across the centuries, sometimes in productive and sometimes in extremely destructive ways. Describe some things you learned from this account of their historical relations. Do they lead you to see and judge the relationship between science and religion differently?
  2. You saw that the debate about scientific objectivity includes three very different positions. Choose one of the three and make your case against the other two. 
  3. Both the history and the philosophy sections show how differently the term ‘science’ can be and has been interpreted. Should we therefore let the term be wide open, so that ‘Hindu science’ and ‘Taoist science’ and ‘Native American science’ are all on the same level, each one equally as valid as the natural sciences today? What are some of the arguments against this view? 
  4. Could the exploration of science and spirituality  lead in some rather different directions than the science-and-religion discussion? If so, what causes the difference?
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    Sociology Homework

    First component:ReadClayton'sReligionand Science -Chapter 7

    Second component:Compose your reflection essay (minimum of 400 words) and post it on the discussion …