sci100 week 4


Assignment 1

SCI 100 Project 2 Guidelines and Rubric 




In Project 1, you selected a news story on a natural science topic.

 (  The Dengue Virus ) You described the science topic, identified the thesis, and described the evidence that supported the thesis. Additionally, you posed questions that a natural scientist might be interested in based on the thesis and supporting evidence, and you then identified resources where you might research the topic and questions.  


In Project 2, you will complete a question development worksheet based on the Project 1 news story and natural science topic. In the Project 2 worksheet, you will explain why you selected the news story, what you already know about the topic, and how it relates to other natural science topics in the course. At the end of the worksheet, assuming the role of a natural scientist, you will pose your own question to study. The work you do on Project 2 will directly support your work on Project 3 (a presentation), due later in the course.  


Project 2 will assess the following course outcome, which you will focus on throughout Theme 2:  


 Develop questions about fundamental aspects of the natural world that inform personal assumptions, beliefs, and values using empirical evidence 

Assignment 2

4-3-1 Short Answer: Funding in Research  Assignment        Task: Submit to complete this assignment        

Using one of the two articles you just read, explain in a short paragraph why you think scientific evidence provided by Patterson or by researchers examining the effects of second-hand cigarette smoke was countered so strongly by the big petroleum and tobacco companies. How do you think the "big money" provided by these industries to fund alternate research efforts reflects the importance of the role of funding in research? 


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