SCI 207 Our Dependence upon the Environment No plagiarism plz Journal


 1. Apply the steps of the scientific method, along with qualitative and quantitative analysis and problem-solving skills, to complete laboratory exercises on environmental issues and document the results. Insert course learning outcome  2. Explain basic ecological concepts and how they relate to the goal of achieving environmental sustainability.  3. Examine how human actions have affected Earth’s capacity to sustain life.  4. Discuss some of the major environmental challenges facing modern societies and the social, economic, political, and ecological choices and tradeoffs these challenges pose.  5. Describe ways in which natural phenomena affect living things and the physical world.  6. Apply changes to one’s daily life choices in order to promote sustainability by reducing one’s ecological footprint.

  1. Apply logic and critical thinking to evaluate reasoning, explore diverse perspectives, and engage in metacognition.
  2. Communicate thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively in written and oral forms.
  3. Leverage digital technologies to solve problems, complete tasks, and accomplish goals.
  4. Demonstrate information literacy through accessing, evaluating, and using information.
  5. Construct ethical responses to contemporary problems.
  6. Cultivate knowledge of and respect for people with diverse backgrounds, values, and lifestyles.
  7. Apply knowledge of commonalities and differences across varying cultural, economic, and geographic populations as part of global citizenship.
  8. Demonstrate personal accountability using effective interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence. 
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