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Candidates will chose 5 of the 17 narratives in the assigned JCD issue and write a one page reaction paper  for  every  one  of  the  5  narratives  chosen  (that  is,  the  first  page  will  cover  your  detailed reaction to the first chosen narrative, the second page will cover your reaction to the second chosen narrative, and so on. Label each page with the title of the narrative so it is clear which one you are addressing).  Please,  do  not  select  the  first  5  narratives  you  encounter  but  browse  through  the narratives and select the ones most significant to you. This will ensure that all 17 narratives are covered by at least one candidate (if all candidates chose the first 5, discussion of these narratives will  be  repetitive  and  boring!).  This  assignment  should  have  a  cover  page  and  be  typed,  single spaced (no APA style required) and written using first person. Keep in mind that a “reaction” is not a summary of what has been read but a thoughtful, deep narrative of your personal feelings, emotions, experiences, thoughts, and reactions generated by what has been read.

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