Architectural Site analysis and Modeling


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Site plan DWG

Please find attached the site in dwg format. It is still very raw and it will need work and refinement but it can help you get started with the mapping expected in this module assignment


In the previous modules, the studio has provided an opportunity to investigate several parameters that will shape your design: educational facility typologies and your main design strategy extracted out of a case study. This module will focus on another input that will inform your proposal: the site.This semester the site is located on the east side San Francisco, between a residential area and old industrial area. The immediate context makes the site very dynamic for the Studio.Location: Side: Esprit park is on the other side of the street.-Southern Side: 20th street is an overpass descending down & reaches grade at Minnesota St, A new condo building is south of the overpass-Western Side: a retaining wall with the I-280 freeway (approx. 8 meters high) and the Potrero hill neighborhood ascends to the west with an interesting retaining system.Please, note that we will assume the metal warehouse located in the north part of the site does NOT exist for this studio.By the end of this module, you are expected to have an understanding of the complexities of the site and how to maximize the potential of this location.Please note that you will continue to refine and improve the work produced in previous assignments in every module until the final review and you are expected to present your progress on a module-by-module basis! 


Your site should have an impact on your design proposal. In order to start understanding the site's complexities, uncertainties, and possibilities, you will present an in-depth analysis of your chosen site, including, but not limited to: the vegetation, street hierarchy, density, sunlight and shadows, land use, demographics, topography, etc.This week’s assignment will be comprised of the following parts:1 Site Analysis
2 Site model


1 PDF presentation

You are expected to illustrate your site with the goal of mapping parameters such as:- Green areas and vegetation.- Density and uses.- Hierarchy of roads.- 

Public spaces.- 

Topography.Important items to include: a complete site plan including main attributes of the context and 2 sections (1 longitudinal and 1 transverse).*Note that you will be expected to present this work in class.

 2 Site Model: You will produce a site model which should include the site and its immediate surroundings. The site will be empty, so different models can be placed on the site later in the semester.Scale: the scale of the model should be between 1'0"=1/32" (1/400 metric) and 1'0"=1/62" (1/800 metric)Note that this model should include at least the following components: the topography, context buildings and vegetation.
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