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OSHA has recently changed requirements for fall protection on roofing projects. What do you believe is the most protective measure for roofers? Discuss some of the problems associated with roofing projects.

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Falls are one of the most common causes of injuries and deaths in the workplace (Goetsch, 2019, pp. 334). Some of the problems that roofing companies face are the exposure to heights of more than 6 ft with unprotected edges and having an uneven walking surface. This exposes employees to an unacceptable risk of falling from heights above 6 ft.  Therefore, OSHA has changed the requirement to make it apply to these companies. One of the most protective measures that OSHA has required for roofing companies is the requirement for use of fall arrest systems.  These systems save people from falling from heights of over 6 ft. or contacting a lower level (Protecting Roofing Workers - OSHA, n.d.). Another protective measure that can help to prevent falls is the use of guardrail systems. These systems are attached along the perimeter of the roof. This helps to prevent a person from falling by providing a rail to protect the edge. 


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