Safeguards: US Constitution/ PR Bill of Rights



1. Design a table in which the existing constitutional safeguards are identified, both in the US Constitution and in the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. You must indicate which is the Amendment (number and title) of the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution and which is the section (number and title) of the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of Puerto Rico where they are located and explain each of them. The constitutional safeguards are the following:

1. Presumption of Innocence

2. Right not to incriminate yourself

3. Bail

4. Right to Counsel

5. Due Process of Law

6. Fair and Impartial Trial

7. Trial by Jury

8. Quick and Public Trial

9. Habeas Corpus - Preventive detention no more than 6 months.

10. Prohibition Against Double Exposure

11. Prohibition Against Cruel and Unusual Punishment

12. Right to Privacy

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