Routine-Based and Activity-Based Interventions


 Routine-Based and Activity-Based Interventions

Read the Using Routines-Based Interventions in Early Childhood Special Education (Links to an external site.) and Theory and Theory-driven Practices of Activity Based Intervention (Links to an external site.) articles. Then, include the following in your discussion post:

  • Describe the role that IEP’s and IFSP’s play in ensuring proper interventions for young children.
  • Defend, based on information from both articles, which approach or a combination of approaches you would want to see used in your school or center. Provide a rationale.
    • In your rationale, cite how your chosen approach is specifically grounded in theory and aligns with your philosophy.
  • Justify how teachers can work within your chosen approach to uphold social justice and include all families.
  • Analyze which types of documentation would be the most appropriate to collect data and review the progress of the child within your chosen approach(es). Cite specific reasons why these documentation methods would be effective.
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