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Rough Draft Instructions:

You will choose a current event (within the last 3 years), and create a power point presentation explain the event and apply your comprehension of one of the subjects you are learning in class. For example, the Trade War and chapter 2 ‘Gains from Trade’. Where you want to take your subject, is up to you. I am looking for correct application of Macroeconomic concepts in your presentation.

WARNING: Only 3 people are allowed to cover the COVID-19/pandemic topic - First come, first serve!  I must respond to you that your are approved, otherwise you may not cover COVID-19.

In addition to meeting the subject requirements, you’re presentation must meet the following requirements:

Proper English and free from grammar errors

3 sources – 1 news media outlet, 1 HCC database, and the 3rd will be your textbook.

Slides – 7 slides minimum (1 Intro, 5 body, 1 Conclusion/reference page)

Slides must have detailed presentation notes in the notes section of your power point.

Reference slide must cite your sources accurately in APA or MLA format. Fail to properly site will be considered plagiarism and a violation of Academic Integrity (subject to “0” or “F” on the assignment) Pictures must also be cited properly.

I will grade your presentations using the following rubric:

Presentation Rubric_Fall 2020.png

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