Rough Draft Instructions:


 Topic is  Productivity and Economic growth  on current event from past 3 years 

You will choose a current event (within the last 3 years), and create a power point presentation explain the event and apply your comprehension of one of the subjects you are learning in class. For example, the Trade War and chapter 2 ‘Gains from Trade’. Where you want to take your subject, is up to you. I am looking for correct application of Macroeconomic concepts in your presentation.

WARNING: Only 3 people are allowed to cover the COVID-19/pandemic topic - First come, first serve!  I must respond to you that your are approved, otherwise you may not cover COVID-19.

In addition to meeting the subject requirements, you’re presentation must meet the following requirements:

  • Proper English and free from grammar errors


I will grade your presentations using the following rubric:

Presentation Rubric_Fall 2020.png

  • 3 sources – 1 news media outlet, 1 HCC database, and the 3rd will be your textbook.
  • Slides – 7 slides minimum (1 Intro, 5 body, 1 Conclusion/reference page)
  • Slides must have detailed presentation notes in the notes section of your power point.
  • Reference slide must cite your sources accurately in APA or MLA format. Fail to properly site will be considered plagiarism and a violation of Academic Integrity (subject to “0” or “F” on the assignment) Pictures must also be cited properly.

Citation should include this reference pages 

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