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The next step in the process of obtaining a new career is to ensure that your resume is current and organized. There are different formats and types of resumes, each with its own purpose. In this assignment, you will create a formal resume to provide to potential employers.

Research resume and career resources on the internet.

Review the resources, along with Ch. 10 of Career Decisions, to determine what information is necessary to include in a professional resume.

Access the resume templates in the Microsoft® Word application through your Microsoft®Office 365® account. If you prefer to use a different template, you are welcome to do so.

Consider the career path you chose in Week 1. You have created career goals, as well as a career portfolio, and now it is time to create your formal resume.

Create a 275- to 350-word resume that you would use when applying for your chosen career path.

Note: This assignment does not require APA formatting and can be submitted according to the professional resume formatting template used.  

 Correctional Program Support  is my career and resume is in a link  due tomorrow

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