This is some information that i want on the resume.. I can fill in my name when the resume is returned.. I need for the resume to be professional ...  Franklin Vance Warren is my current job 8/2015 to currently.... Great Beginnings Christian Childcare 4/2007-8/2015 and Humpty Dumpty Daycare 8/1995-2007.... so I’ve been working with children over 20 years ... Vance Granville Community College graduation date 8/2009:...  Associate degree In applied science graduation date 2009.. Ashford University graduation date April 1,2019 Bachelor’s of Early Childhood.... I do full time  work in the summers at Discovery Point of Wakeforest.,.. they call me seasonal help... and I started that in April 2017... if u need anymore info about me then I will give it to u... but u know that I’m patient and I love working with children...

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