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Post by Meagan Richards

6 days agoWeek 1 discussionFor this weeks discussion forum I have chosen the topic of faith developmental theories, the nurture stage of faith developmental theories really stood out to me. My faith since a child I have felt strong with my walk in being a Christian there has been times in my life I questioned god but I was shown that everything had happened for a reason I couldn't see at that time. As a child my mother would go to church every Sunday and do Sunday dinner with grace and on holidays too seeing that just by being nurturing and showing love within your child from yourself but also teaching them the love within themselves and god is also very important makes a imprint on the child's mind, by my mother doing so saying god watches over and have no fear just remain true and stand tall you will be alright I have followed this my whole life now at 23 years of age I try to implant this on my one year old that she was sent to me by god, when she is older I will explain that I talked to god everynight while pregnant especially and told him how I needed a daughter to be my force and save me weeks after finding out I was pregnant I had lost my mother I feel that god felt my pain and sent me my healthy beautiful daughter in return for him taking my mother. I never have doubted my faith I enjoy that within this university it is Christian based and that has a big impact on myself as a Christian and as a student It is nice to know that we are all United within another. 


Post by Engeldean Urriza

6 days agoInitial PostAll of the development theorists are really interesting. My interest always gravitated towards Freud and Erikson's Psychosocial Theory. There is a lot of merit to both since they both have similarities such as having unresolved successful child stages personality development leads to adult issues in life. Erikson though does not have the sexual component that Freud does with his theory. I lean towards agreement with Erikson with his viewpoint that the human personality is ever evolving over a span of a lifetime. I can relate to that unsuccessful resolved earlier stages such as the toddler stage which resolves around autonomy. I have seen my sibling struggle  to function without being "spoon fed" for fear that they could not function without someone assisting them in activities of daily living. That result was in part to the actions of my parents. They had made my sibling feel as if he could not function with out them. They did not provide many opportunities for him to gain autonomy in some aspects of his personal development.  It was only during his high school years that my parent let the "reigns" loose. I understand that the hallmarks of the stage that Erikson focused on were the Shame vs. Doubt. My parents never instilled a feeling a sense of shame, it was more of instilling doubt that my brother would need to dependent on them. Erikson's theory does present itself in the real world . It is that stage of the Toddler which involves shame vs. doubt. When my daughter hit that stage, I created opportunities for my daughter to have some sense of autonomy by presenting physical plateaus they could reach like extending walking distances farther and farther until they could navigate the distance by themselves, thus creating some sense of accomplishment.  

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