Read the page on concision (cutting out wordiness) over at the Purdue OWL (Links to an external site.). The OWL is one of the better online writing resources, and I recommend that you browse around on the site. After looking at the example sentences, read their Lesson on Writing Concisely. (Links to an external site.) I use this method myself, and it works great! 


Upon the successful completion of this assignment, you will be able to use precise and coherent diction to communicate unambiguously.


Below, I have compiled a few sentences from previous student introductions to essay one. Please apply what you have learned about concision to revise the sentences--but make sure you keep the meaning of the sentences intact! I have indicated word counts and target-range word counts after each sentence. Revise all three within the range and keep the same basic meaning and get full credit.


The cartoon selected is an impactful statement on the general heart of the man that we call the president of the united states. (23 words; target: 10-13)


The image that I will be utilizing demonstrates how there is a glitch between what Trump says and actually does. (20; target 11-12)


During his campaign, he also talked about the border wall he wanted to build on the border of the United States & Mexico. (24; 11-14)

*200 words

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