These specific examples will be off limits to you now, though you may still write about the same topic using different comedic examples and articles. 

Title ideas

Size Matters: Trump’s Insecurity Explored in Jokes

Sticking it to Trump: Inauguration Photos Haunt the President

Intro Notes

Broad intro statements about the Trump inauguration, how it was the first controversy of his presidency; his press secretary stated it was the largest crowd to witness an inauguration (despite clear pictorial evidence to the contrary). Then I would narrow down to the recent report (Links to an external site.) that the official National Park Service photographers cropped photos to make the crowd seem fuller. Then I would introduce my example of comedy—

 Here's the Link: 

 1)write a short summary of the video and lead into my claim. 

 Claim: the comedy intends that we see Trump as an immature man who ignores reality to save his ego. 


¶ Idea

…get into specific moments in James Corden’s routine, focusing on stick figure moment at 00:26 second mark.

…describe: At one point, Corden says that “it was actually pretty easy to appease Trump” by giving him an edited photo of the crowd with several big stick figures crudely drawn on the image. The stick figures represent a couple of main features of Trump’s personality: his immaturity, and his propensity to ignore reality in favor of whatever makes him look or feel like he’s the best.

¶ Idea

Stick figures, typically drawn by children, are classic symbols of childishness. For the stick figure portion of Coburn’s joke to work, we have to understand the underlying assumption that Trump often acts in a childish manner. One way he is childish is that, according to an article in The Atlantic (Links to an external site.), he doesn’t read. …

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