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 Like most marketing companies, some groups have a tendency to play with words to help promote their products.  It is true that electric vehicles have no exhaust pipe emissions, but they do require other types of energy that produces emissions from a different source. If you consider the well-to-wheel emissions of these type vehicles, many issues arise. Think about the production of the vehicle, processing, battery manufacturing, battery disposal and the cost of having charging stations readily available. Many electric vehicles are charged from electricity from the use of fossil fuels. So, are we really helping the environment by going in this direction?   “In the case of gasoline, emissions are produced while extracting petroleum from the earth, refining it, distributing the fuel to stations, and burning it in vehicles” (US Department of Energy, 2020).  I do believe electric vehicles help in highly populated areas with smog and air quality.  The overall effects of electric vehicle emissions seem to be spread out more in less noticeable areas and may even be a wash when it pertains to the environment. 

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