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1. You will determine one type of healthcare manager job for each discipline shown below: 

For example, in the Human Resources discipline, one could list a Benefits Manager as a manager for Human Resources. Don’t list Benefits Manager for Human Resources since I have already given you an example.


Human Resources


Example How to List Your Answers: 

Human Resources – Benefits Manager
Finance -
Insurance -
Marketing -
Technology -

2. In this step, you will provide one healthcare manager job that is not related to any of the five listed disciplines shown above.

For example, a nursing director is not related to any of the listed disciplines (Human Resources, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, Technology) shown above.

Example How to List Your Answer:

Non-Discipline – Nursing Director

3. You will then complete your Word document that has your 6 healthcare manager jobs 

Note: Your will provide a list of 6 different types of healthcare manager jobs. I will review each different type of jobs that you have listed. 

List of 5 manager jobs in your discipline & 1 manager job outside of the 5 disciplines.

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