Research Review



Reflection is a purposeful activity in which you analyze experiences, or your own practice/skills/responses, in order to learn and improve. Now that you have written a complete draft and received feedback, please answer the following questions in a 2-3-page (double-spaced) reflection:

·  Briefly describe your background with the research topic you selected.

·  Do you feel your experience could lead to research bias? Why or why not?

·  Where do you feel your paper incorporates research the best?

·  Based on your feedback, what are the specific areas of your paper you plan to revise? How? 

·  What specific areas of your paper could you strengthen by incorporating a bit more research?

·  What challenges did you encounter incorporating research and/or adding citations? 

·  What was the most important aspect you learned in doing this assignment? Why?

·  If you were in a high-stakes professional setting, how would you go about finding out for sure whether your final draft is up to snuff?

·  What questions do you still have about the research process?

·  Your completed assignment should use APA style formatting.

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