Research proposal assignment


Its research proposal assignment of answer the research question What new tools required to produce

EHEC colonization?

Research Article

Pathogenic and non-pathogenic Escherichia coli colonization and host inflammatory response in a

defined microbiota mouse model


1. Title of the Project2.

2. Background — Includes a literature review (you can modify and update your literature review.

This section provides background information relating to the context of the study.

3. Aims & Hypothesis - state clearly and succinctly the purpose of the study. Outline the key

research questions, aims and hypothesis

4. Research design: describe the research plan, describe the methods to be used, include a

description and rationale of selection of the methods of data collection and analysis.

5. Preliminary data: present supporting preliminary data to support your project proposal. This

data maybe from publications or fictitious/made-up data. You will be assessed on the way your

present the data and discuss them and NOT the data itself.

6. Significance/expected outcomes of the study (or Overall Summary and conclusions): predict the

significance of the study and expected outcomes. These may relate closely to aims.

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