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I want a research proposal for this assignment. Instructions for the length and writing style should follow APA format, 12pt font, with 1” margins, reference page, and in-text citations. Please review this video: and here is the rest of the instructions from the professor: 

Please note, however, that not everything discussed in the video is applicable to your assignment. Be sure to follow the grading rubric and the instructions provided in class. The final research project must include the following chapters:

Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Methods
Chapter III: Discussion

The goal of this research proposal is to demonstrate your understanding of the components of quantitative research. This means you will be proposing a quantitative design and providing all the appropriate and necessary information including:

The audience for the research proposal is an IRB. This means that you should never use first person and the tone of your proposal should be future tense (e.g., the purpose of this research will be to examine the impact of caffeine on memory). Be sure to also include what type of IRB status you expect this proposal to require.

The Introduction should introduce the IRB to your interest of study and explain why it needs to be studied. You should provide a brief background on your topic of interest and conclude Chapter I with your research question.

The Methods section should begin with your hypothesis, what do you believe will be the outcome of your proposed study (remember to avoid using first person!) Your methods should identify what type of research you are proposing and your research design (experimental, quasi-experimental, post-test, or time-series). Be sure to identify your IV/DV if applicable. You should also identify your target population and how you propose to sample the population. Be sure to include the sampling technique you are going to employ and how you will obtain your sample. Finally, your methods section should include the procedure, a step-by-step account of your proposed research. Note: Do not number or use bullet points for this part, the entire assignment should be in essay format. 

Your Discussion section is similar to a conclusion. It should begin by restating your hypothesis (do not simply repeat it verbatim). In the proposal, we will assume that your research supports your hypothesis (do not use the word 'prove.') What are the implications/clinical findings of this research? What does this mean for your population and society? What should we do with this information. Be sure to also include potential limitations and confounds within your research. Are there any limits to internal or external validity that you need to acknowledge? How could future research minimize these limitations?


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