Research project paper (Access Control)


Course: Access Control

Topic: Access restriction using the cloud is more secure than the operating system.

12 pages - (NO PLAGIARISM)


Make this a paper appropriate for journal publication. That is you must endeavor to meet all the requirements of such a project. Hence, your paper should include all or most of the following:

1. Appropriate figures and tables

2. The research method(s) 

3. The results

4. The discussion

5. Clear conclusion

6. A compelling introduction

7. An abstract

8. A well concise and descriptive title

9. Acknowledgments

10. References

 10 Essential Parts of the scientific Paper:

•Title -  Describe concisely the core contents of the paper.

 • Abstract - Summarize the major elements of the paper. 

 • Introduction - provide context and rationale for the study.

• Materials - Describe the experimental design so it is reproducible.

• Methods - Describe the experimental procedures.

• Results - Summarize the findings without interpretation. 

 • Discussion - Interpret the findings of the study.

• Summary - summarize the findings.

• Acknowledgment - Give credit to the those 

 • References: List all scientific papers, books, and websites that you cited.

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