Research Project 2 (2.0)


Topic: Impact of Diet on Athletic Performance: A Comparative Study Between Plant and Animal-based Diets

Do every according to the example (the word document that I have attached called "project 2" and add these part 

Methods and procedures

- Study design

- Source population (for new data collection) or data source (for analysis of existing data)

- Sampling methodology and expected sample size

- Instrument development

- Recruiting procedures (for new data collection)

- Definition and measurement of key variables

- Data collection procedures

- Laboratory procedures (if applicable)

Analysis plan

- Data management plan

- Data analysis plan

Dissemination plan



Budget and justification (as allowed by the funding agency)

- Personnel (such as salaries and benefits)

- Equipment and supplies for the office (such as computers, software programs, and paper) and laboratory (if applicable)

- Communications (such as postage, phones, and internet access)

- Travel (including mileage on cars, parking, local transportation, and possibly airfare, hotels,and food)

- Other costs (such as publication fees and overhead costs)

Researcher information (such as a bio-sketch, CV, or resume)

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