Research paper Thesis Statement (TERRORISM)



Please choose a terrorist organization to analyze and prepare a proposed solution to this organization. This paper must include a brief history, goals, and methods of a terrorist group, and a proposed solution to that group's terrorism, and to show capability in researching and presenting findings and proposals in a logical and coherent manner.

Research Paper 

This research paper project is divided into five stages, each of which is graded separately and required in order to receive a passing grade in the course. The purpose behind dividing the paper into four checkpoints is that it encourages you to work on it throughout the term and to ensure that the group chosen is acceptable to the instructor.

Topic Selection/Thesis Statement

Choose a topic based on the above information and write a thesis statement summarizing the main argument you will be making in your final paper. 

Annotated Bibliography

Provide a list and brief description of at least six sources that you have identified for the paper.  Two of these must be a primary source document and two must be an academic journal article.  These should be specific sources, not just places where you can find sources.  The goal here is to see that you have dug in a bit and actually found something that pertains to the issue you will be researching.


Plagiarism: All work submitted must be original. Your instructor may submit all stages of this assignment to  "Turnitin",  an online plagiarism analyzer

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