Research Paper - Globalization and Food Production


The research paper must be at least 10 pages excluding the cover intro page and the Bibliography. 

It should Follow APA Formatting 

The work must be 100% Original 

It must Include Data and Bibliography with At least 10 sources. Be descriptive and provide details, as well as include Citations of sources within the Text.

Use a 12 point Font with double line spacing and the pages need to be numbered. It must include proper in-text citations and a full bibliography.

 Furthermore, I am willing to pay like $10 more for an Annotated Bibliography of those 10 sources early by like 11th June or possibly earlier. 

Lastly, I have myself created an outline or research proposal that might help you with completing the research paper. The pdf attached contains a few sources but you need not use those sources. Once again I would really like to get that annotated bibliography, let me know.

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