Research Paper: Gathering Sources, Part 4



  • Demonstrate competency in library research.
  • Construct a text that incorporates critical reading, analyzing, and interaction with sources.


  • Find four sources that are authoritative and provide support for at least one of the points on your outline. Use the library information to determine what is an authoritative source. Remember that you need sources on all sides of the issue.
  • Annotated bibliography: For each source, you need a citation in the correct format for your major and a paragraph summarizing and evaluating the source. Sources should be in alphabetical order in this section. (Minimum 150 words per annotation). 
  • Then you will write a longer paragraph at the end that compares and contrasts all four of the sources and their information about your topic. In that long paragraph, you will need to cite each of the sources correctly and use direct quotes from at least two of them. (400 words). This long paragraph can be used as part of the background section of your research paper.
  • You may use other sources in your paper.
  • These sources must be either books (or parts of books), .edu or .gov websites, or journal articles unless you believe that you cannot write the paper without the source. You will need to convince your instructor that an authoritative form of the source does not exist.
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