Research paper APA format



Social Media in the Enterprise 

Be sure to read Chapter 13

  • Identify 3 areas that Social Media for an Enterprise is a benefit
  • Identify 3 areas where social media is a hazard to the brand.
  • How would you use social media for a company
  • What policies would you enforce with the use of social media?


  • Using proper APA, in-text citations, references, and formatting (use a template)     
    • Indent paragraphs
    • Use sections with headers
  • A minimum of 7 pages (includes the title page, abstract and min 4 references,4 body pages).
  • Must have a conclusion section (share your thoughts)
  • Safe Assign under 30%

Do not:

  • Do not insert graphics on the title page (will receive a zero if you do)
  • Do not have a page border (will receive a zero if you do)
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