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-Approach B: Do a Deep Survival Treatment on Other Athletes/Sport.

Write a “chapter” in the manner of Gonzales’ Deep Survival on certain athletes and/or on a certain sport.  (As a kayaker and diver, I have books on accidents in those sports with explanations of what went wrong, usually.)  If you have an interest in a certain sport and have some knowledge to build from, you could move back and forth from Deep Survival to materials that would make a good match from that other sport.  If you are a climber, for example, there’s plenty in Gonzales’ book relating to climbing specifically, but also generally to any outdoor accidents, that could be brought into consideration.  That is, apply what you have learned from Deep Survival.

Perhaps you look at what went wrong or what went right in a specific accident.  Perhaps you help us see the risks involved in the general pursuit of a particular sport—and perhaps help us to see how reading Deep Survival attentively could lead to greater safety. 

Some of you may know what happened to Aron Ralston, the climber who had to cut off his own arm after getting trapped on his own in the wilderness; there’s his book, Between a Rock and A Hard Place, as well as the film version.  Climber Tommy Caldwell’s PUSH is an impressive book that covers all sorts of accidents and incidents upon mountains, using a table saw incorrectly, and even being captured and held hostage by rebel forces while climbing in Kyrgyzstan. 

(A non-climbing example: Diana Nyad caps her long open water swimming career by swimming from Cuba to Florida at age 64!)

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