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I just want an essay that has no sentences in it to increase the volume and that each sentence is useful.

1) This essay assignment academic research paper using at least 5 academic, scholarly sources. (such as


) professor’s example.

And using more than 5 popular sources.(such as newspaper)

Therefore the total sources is 10( 5scholarly sources+ 5 popular sources)

=> Please make MLA citation format.

2) Please choose the topic for  3D Printing, Self-Driving Car, and Drone.

3) The Length of the essay is must full of 8 pages or  9page. 

And Please make 1 introduction paragraph and 4-5 body paragraph(each body paragraph is must longer that 1 page) and 1 conclusion paragraph.( The professor really hate short paragraph.)

=> Also Please write the clear topic sentence at the front of the body paragraph.

4) The more detail about the assignment is on the file called Essay #3 Assignment Description( I will upload) 

Also I upload the sample essay, therefore if you confusing about it you can check. 

5) Please don’t write a generalized sentence at the body and conclusion paragraph. (such as Drone has much potential use for daily life.)

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