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This final paper is an open-ended research paper on a final topic of your choosing that pertains to the themes and topics of this class. You may choose an institution, a moment in history, a particular artist, or even a single work. It is up to you to decide what your topic is and how you want to write about that topic. Your paper must include a thesis statement/argument that reflects your conclusions after substantial analysis of your topic.

Your paper must engage with and incorporate analysis and consideration of visual materials - this can be Hollywood, mass media, fine art, commercials, billboards, political cartoons, etc.  

PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT THIS IS A COURSE ON ASIAN AMERICAN ART AND VISUAL CULTURE - paper topics exclusively about Asia are very interesting, but not acceptable for this particular class. (Paper topics that critically consider the relationship between "Asia" and "America" as well as the meaning and connotations of the words would be very much smiled upon.)

 All final papers must be 1000-1500 words. Please be sure to use proper citations using the Chicago Style. For more information on the Chicago Manual of Style, please refer to the Purdue Online Writing Lab. . 

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