Research methods in psychology: Evaluating a world of information (3rd ed.)



In 250-words, apply concepts you learned in this course (especially in Chapter 14) to make an argument why one of the two articles you are working with is the most important. Show that you understand and can apply the details of this course. This is only one page, but it should be a smart page. Write two pages, and then cut it down to an elegant,   distilled, one-page argument.

Details: Your discussion should be nuanced and apply course   concepts, especially from Chapter 14. Your assessment will show that you are not just applying "common sense" or intuition to your evaluation—you should be applying course concepts. You   should consider these questions:

  1. Is the study replicable? (Did it actually replicate—if     not, could you replicate it?) What is the evidence for its replicability?
  2. Is the study in generalization mode or theory-testing mode? How do you know? How does this affect the types of validities you prioritize and the types of questions that you ask?
  3. Does the study test a theory? (If so, does it provide good support for the theory?)
  4. Is the study important in the real world? (Was it in generalization mode? Could it be? To what extent does real-world applicability matter?)

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA   Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. Include a properly  formatted reference page and in-text citations.  

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