Research methods


Part 1: Introduce yourself to your classmates with your name, location, current employment, and future goals.

Part 2: As you have learned in this lesson, it is not unusual for researchers to naturally adopt a methodology (quantitative or qualitative) that is consistent with their own worldview. Explain your worldview when it comes to research.

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Kindly address the discussion question(s) submitting a reflective response. Reflective defined is characterized by or manifesting careful thought : a thoughtful essay. occupied with or given to thought ; contemplative; meditative; reflective: in a thoughtful mood, careful, heedful, or mindful.


My name is Armando currently living in Texas Corpus Christi Area.  For the last 6 years I have been employed as  Field Safety Supervisor.  My future goals are to complete my degree and move on to the next one.   

My world view when it comes to research is kind of a seesaw between quantitative and qualitative.  I have used both methods and found each one to be sufficient in tis own way.  Of course this is also based on the situation in which I am researching.  For example, I prefer quantitative research when investigating an accident or incident in the work place.  Since quantitative can be viewed as a cause and effect research method that is the main reason.  What actions caused the accident/incident and what effect did they produce not only on the job but within the organization. 

When I use the qualitative method its when conducting research during cause mapping.  If those of you are not familiar with cause mapping its similar to a tree analysis for an investigation.  Gathering all information as to why, why, why, things went the way they did is how it works.  Then during each new finding thoughts and research are conducted/viewed to determine maybe patterns.  If there are patterns then they become a target area for improvement.  Thanks good luck everyone i look forward to the semester.      

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