research article of children emotion


research article in the pdf attached about children emotion regulation and attachment to regulation and emotional socialization base it upon the pdf attached please  

1-2 pages not included cover

summary of the article. 

2.   What should be included in the summary: 

a.   Summary of the 


of the article, taking into consideration:

i.   The purpose of the study 

ii.   The importance of the study

iii.   Did the authors have any hypotheses? If so, what were they? 

b.   Summarize the 

methods and results 


i.   Identify the sample size, participants, and measures used.

ii.   What were the findings of the study? 

iii.   Did the findings confirm the study hypotheses? 

c.   Summarize the 

discussion section

, particularly focusing on:

i.   Limitations of the study

ii.   Suggestions made by the authors for future research

d.   Finally, discuss what you found most interesting in the study; what did you learn? 

Additional Information: 

It is very important that you follow APA style when writing your summary.

The body of your paper  

(not including the title page).

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