Students asked to search, read from scientific papers and books to do a research 

about the impact of Natural light of the following space  

Hospitals and Clinics supported by Case studies (Patient Recovery) 

Report overview: 

The report will cover the impact of the used of Natural Light in the design of the spaces according the selection, and explain what is the impact of this used on human health, productivity, vision performance, supported with two case studies, one international and the other local, these case studies, should be explained with images and provide a conclusion for the research 


·  Title with cover pages contains all the information about student, class, course ,section

·  Contents table 

·  Introduction (introduce the topic in professional and attractive way) and Background ( history 

about the topic ) you can add images 2 pages 

·  Body text which should be from references and books 2 pages Discuss many opinion of scientists, 

researchers and designers 

·  Two Case studies , One on international and the other one on United Arab Emirates, designer (name of project, explanations for the case study, images with high resolution, advantages and disadvantages (4 -5 pages )

·  Conclusion and lesson that have been learned Paragraph – Max one page 

·  References 

·  Total pages 10-11

·  Students will used the APA style for writing the research of Assignments 1 covering all the requirement 

Note: APA Style papers should be written in a font that is legible and widely accessible. For example: 

·  Times New Roman (12pt.) 

·  Arial (11pt.) 

·  Calibri (11pt.) 

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