Today in class, we reviewed the contents to be discussed within your "Methodology, Results & Analysis" document which should be emailed to me before class begins. You have several documents posted to Blackboard, which will help you achieve and high grade in the upcoming assignment: 

1. Detailed Description of Assignments and Projects- provided a full description of the assignment and what the grading will be based on. 

2. The Path to Writing a Professional Document- The table of contents maybe used as a checklist that you included all necessary professional writing elements. 

3. Instructor's Thesis- Refer to the Abstract, Table of Contents, Introduction, Methodology, Results & Analysis and Conclusion/Discussion along with the appendix. 

4. Student Example- This is a very good sample of a document I received in the past which earned a high grade. 

In order to demonstrate critical thought, please keep referring back to how each of the results of the survey will affect the further development of the proposed invention.

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