resarch paper(writing about the wtinig in civil engneering)

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a.) Introduction:  • States what field you are researching and introduces the resources you are using to analyze it (text, interviews, and observations). • Include the overall purpose of writing in the field b.) Purpose, Goals, and Audience • What is the main purpose of writing in your field? • How does this affect the way you write? • Why is this the main purpose? • Who are you writing to most often in the field? • What are the goals of writing in your field? • Include an example from your text analysis to prove this as well as from you interview and observation c.) Format, Style, Tone, Language • What is the format most often used? o Why is this the format chosen? What does it do for the purpose of the writing? • What kinds of style and language are used? o Do these reflect the writing purpose? How do they work together to reach a common purpose? o What is the tone? o Does any of this change depending on writing situation? o Include examples from text, interviews, and observations for support d.) Organization and Genre • What organization is used? Does this change any?  • What is beneficial about this type of organization • What genres are used? • How do the genre and organization used fulfill the text’s purpose? • Why are these used versus another type? • Include examples from text, interviews, and observations for support e.) What is valued? • What does this community value in writing? • Why is it valued? • What contributions does it make to the field • Include examples from text, interviews, and observations for support f.) Rhetorical Appeals • Which rhetorical appeals are used most often? • Why are these used most often as opposed to the others? • Do these appeals strengthen writing in this field? How? • Include Examples f.) Conclusion: • Overall what did you learn from this experience and what are the big ideas that helped you determine how writing is done? • Interpret your overall impression of writing in your major.

qusitions that must be answerd in the paper:

1. What kind of genre are used (reports, assignment sheets, arguments, proposals, research, etc.) 

2. Why are these genres used? What do they offer that others don’t? 

3. What is the main purpose of writing in this community?

 4. How is writing shaped by that? 

5. Does collaboration ever happen? In what circumstances and how is it carried out?

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