Required Readings-7




  • Castellino and Cavanaugh, Minority Rights in the Middle East, chapter 4 and 5
  • Chase, Routledge Handbook, Part I, chapters 6 and 14


Reflection posts:

  • These should be 500 - 600 words in length. 
  • The purpose of these postings is to enable you to think critically about what you're learning as well as foster an intellectual community of discussion. You are required to integrate readings and themes from the course into your reflections in a coherent fashion. In other words, demonstrate that you have undertaken the readings relevant to the weekly assignment in a timely fashion and that you have critically reflected on these readings.
  • The idea is that you are reflecting on readings and themes for the week. When referring to readings, make sure that they include the readings for the week you are reflecting on! Reflections will be evaluated for thoughtfulness, engagement with the material, integrity, organization, and accuracy of information.


The Assignment:

For this week you have been assigned two readings which focus on "human rights in Iraq and Syria."  Based on these readings, identify TWO areas where you believe the authors approach the human rights situation in these two cases similarly or differently.  How does this comparison of the readings help better understand the complexities associated with the human rights situation in the Middle East? Explain.

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