Report on your activities in the past month in your studies at SEU




To assess your ability to apply knowledge from the course to simulated real world situations.

Action Items

• Report on your activities in the past month in your studies at SEU.

• Use the memo format, organize your document with a:

o Clear overview

o Followed by specific details of your activities

o And your self-evaluation of those activities

Submission Instructions

Complete and submit this assignment per your professor's instructions.

Grading Criteria

• Memo should include the following requirements: 0 - 5 points

o Memo addresses each of the three topics listed above

o Memo conforms to an appropriate format

o Memo conforms to academic standards of English grammar and spelling

My activities: 

For computer programming course:

4 labs in java coding 

1 Assignment

- i did an assignment and it wasn’t easy 

- i tried my best to understand java by watching youtube videos about it to be able to code

Computer organization course:

1 discussion board 

1 quiz

Discrete mathematics

2 assignments 

i find this subject difficult but I am an autonomous learner. I’ll try until I figure it out

Technical writing course: 

1 discussion board

1 assignment 

Activities are done in the university: 

I changed my name in the university because the university wrote my name in the wrong way

For the evaluation:

we were late to do the evaluation due to COVID-19 I could not enter the university campus 

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