Meeting with the President Analysis

You were recently hired at a new company.  The President of the company believes that new employees have a fresh perspective on the company and likes to have ‘new hires’ give their perspective on how the company can improve.   

You will select the company.   It should be the company you have already been offered a job with after graduation.   If you do not yet have a job offer, then you should use either the company that you had a summer internship with, a company you are (or have) interviewed with for a job after graduation, a company that you have worked for in the past (for example: during the summer or even while in high school).  my major is business analytics and information system.

You will write a two page report  (1.5 spaced, 11 point font) and on the 3rd page include a chart/graph of the strategic tool you are using with the data for you company listed within the chart/graph. 

  1. Use 1 Tool, either STEEP or 5 Forces and analyze the current situation of the company and explain what you discovered, how that impacts the company and what opportunity it offers to the company.
  2. Provide a Well-Resoned Recommendation of a strategic action the company should take based on your analysis and explain why that is a good action for the company.
  3. Create a Chart/Graph of the tool used with the information you researched and attach it to the end of the report.

NOTE:  Written report is two pages in length.   The chart/graph of the tool does not count toward the two page requirement.   The chart/graph of the tool is attached at the end of the report as a 3rd page

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