Good morning,

Please see below instructions for a new assignment my professor assigned to me.      

The professor instructions are:

For the extra credit I would like you to research through our FNU library's electronic resources and find an article about "the new trends in healthcare marketing" and do a report on it one page long, and include your references/s.

Instructions on how to access the FNU library's electronic resources in order to be able to get the article from where my professor is asking it from :

1. Go to FNU Website ---->

2. Scroll down just a little and in the center of the webpage, Under student resources , click on Library 

3. Scroll all the way down and under DATABASES 24/7 ACCESS-ANYTIME... ANYWHERE click on the word "LIRN" and a new window will open up   

4. On that new window on the search bar Under institution type " Florida National University" 

5. Enter the Username: 24439 & Password: fnulibrary39 

6. Scroll down until you see "Health & Medical", and under that category select ProQuest Cental   

7. A new window will open up and there you begin searching (BUT MAKE SURE THAT BEFORE YOU BEGIN SEARCHING YOU ALWAYS SELECT/CLICK ON THE FULL TEXT CHECKBOX to make sure the full text of article comes up.     

 ***** NOTES: It is extremely important that every single instruction is followed since my professor is extremely strict when it comes to not doing what he asked for. Also the article you choose or any kind of information you write or obtain MUST BE ONLY from the FNU library's electronic resources databases and the article make sure you get the full text. ( In order to get the full text please see step #7 of the instructions above on how to access FNU library's resources databases)    


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