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China’s  reliance on coal epitomizes the central “single energy dilemma” by  being dependent upon oil heavily over the last decade. China became a  net coal importer in 2009.  They have multiple sources that supplies the  country in proximity; specifically, Australia, Russia, and Indonesia to  name a couple. China is the “second largest economy and destination of  foreign direct investment” (Sarah Ladislaw, 2014). China due to the  heavy growth must use more energy in order to support the growth.  Another source stated that China also imported 5.4 million barrels per  day of crude and 706 billion cubic feet of natural gas in 2012 alone.  This contributes to the “single energy dilemma” because China seemingly  is dependent on imported oils due to the amount of growth that they are  experiencing.

In my personal assessment it is likely that China can move away from  and off goal due to the development and interest in shale gas which is  an alternative to coal. China used 10.7 million barrels of oil per day  in 2013 which accounted for one third of global oil demand. Due to shale  gas being developed China is rethinking their relationships with the  Middle East and North Africa. Their dependence on Middle East supplies  continues to grow so there needs to be another option for a country who  grows ten percent per decade. There are other avenues other than the  Middle East. For example, China has been looking into resources closer  to home such as central Asian countries for oil. In conclusion China can  move away from and off coal with the development of great relationships  closer to home.


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