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Topic :  Choose one of the following areas: education, health care, or the food industry (fast food, farming, marketplaces—your choice on the sub-focus) and do a web search of several online businesses. For health care, you might choose insurance companies, hospitals, or pharmaceuticals; ensure that the businesses are similar in nature.

On the websites you reviewed, did you see similar language or delivery of products? Because of this similarity, do consumers generally make good decisions that are well thought-out, or do they tend to believe marketing information at face value?  

Instructions -  In your responses to classmates, discuss whether people routinely make the same mistakes in choosing products or services. Evaluate whether or not marketing language may influence consumers’ opinions even more than their own personal experiences.  Post must be 3 paragraphs long and at least 2 sources cited.

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 The main group I wanted to share with you is health food stores. The review on many of these stores is quite high. There is a reason for this. The people going to these places already have a bias. Therefore, they will give it a high rating. Some of the language is very similar but it's because the products are similar. The people wanting a health food service go there because they lack trust in synthetic things. They know the market value of some things in grocery stores has more preservatives, therefore a health food store is a healthier choice if atleast by default that is. Confidence in these markets is high so people don't believe they made bad choices on products. They may sometimes go and compare prices to other stores because Health food stores are a bit pricey. However, they are worth it. Many times I have bought from health food stores. I sometimes look at a review on a product. However, I use it so much I know through personal experiences much of what has been said works. Therefore the marketing is probably secondary, my body response is why I keep buying. People want wuick products therefore some reviews may give low grades on this because of shipping requirements.  

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When one compares different on-line universities, they have very similar themes. Each of the schools reviewed share the same kind of optimistic catch phrases, designed to draw a prospective student to the “application box.” If you attend the University of Phoenix you will be ‘making an impact’ and making this impact ‘is easier than you think’. Their students ‘pave the way for future generations’ and lastly, ‘it is affordable’.

 If one is still undecided they can apply to Kaplan University where they will ‘get the education you need to succeed’. In the meantime, you will ‘get your edge in a competitive world’. It is ‘your career success on your schedule’ and you can ‘take the next step with confidence’. I almost forgot, yes ‘it is affordable’.

 Saving the best for last, at Southern New Hampshire University, ‘there are no limits on what you can do and what you can be and what you can achieve’. Southern New Hampshire University has ‘degrees that get you where you want to go’. At SNHU ‘your success is our mission’.  Yes,’ it is affordable’

 These schools have slogans that are virtually interchangeable. There is a common theme that you deserve this degree and you owe it to yourself to take the next step. You have a right to a successful career and future and our school will show you the way. If cost is a concern don’t worry, it’s affordable. After studying these websites, I believe that, once the consumer makes an analysis of cost, they will base their decision on marketing. Assuming a prospective student has no preconceived opinion of a school they tend to all look the same since on-line students are usually not concerned about location or campus. If schools have similar degree programs students will probably be drawn to the university where website photos and catch phrases peak their interest. Therefore, I believe a decision will be based on face value.

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